a history of noiz...

lessons in noiz



1990 - Debut Album: "Intercessions"
label: Twin Triangle

1996 - Album: "Parthenon" full length album
label: SKaN

1998 - Track: "Death of the Sun" appeared on "Rotorbites" Comp.
label: Magnetic Resonance

-2001 -
Album: "The Magnetic Field Disturbed By Metal Filings" - Live Genic Recording
label: SKaN

Track: Arsenic Sacrament
Album: Hate Is Our Religion Compilation
label: Novaya Zemlya Production / Mourmansk150

-2002 -
Track: "Into the Breach" appearing on "Rituals of Termination" comp.
label: Axis Mundi/Concrete Violin

Album: Binary Noiz Series "00"
label: SKaN

Track: "cryogenic dream state"
appearing on Aural Mechanism: Musicks Inspired by COIL compilation

Track: "vectors" appearing on a three way split
label: My Lai - MLP0006

Album: Binary Noiz Series "01"
label: SKaN

Track: "Black Syringe" - "Wrath of Nothing" compilation
label: I.S.M. Recordings

-2003 -
Album: "Abian Space"
label: Art Konkrete [UNRELEASED]

Track: "-shard-" appearing on "No Commercial Value" compilation
label: Authorised Version

Track: "accumulator" appearing on the "embedded" compilation
label: Detterent Industries

The Museum of Carnal Possibilities" compilation
label: Deadline Recordings

[4-way split] CD
Astrogenic Hallucinauting / AGNS / The Search Party / Murex
label: Deadline Recordings

Track: "The Ledge" - "Anomolous Silencer Vol. 6" compilation
label: Napalmed / Mourmansk 150

Track: "Beginning Of The Labyrinth" - "Drone Download Project - Year 1" (CDr, MP3)
label: Dark Duck Records

Album: Radon Scan Cycle
label: Solipsism

Two tracks: "Hallow Saints", "Saints' Hallow"
Album: Of Spectres... And Saints
label: Else Product

Track: the attack
Album: "Cataclastic Fracture vol.2" CD compilation
label: Deadline Recordings

Track: There Is Never Constant Silence
Album: Full Cold Moon
label: Dark Winter

Track: Cryogenic Dream State
Album: Aural:Mechanism (Dyschordia)
label: Else Product, Molecule Records

Track: Metatransit Configuration
Album: Necktar VII
label: Le Colibri Nécrophile

DVD: Live performance clip: Electro-Music 2007 Video Highlights
label: Azimuth Visuals

-2008 -
creatures from the id
[a compilation of noiz from other compilations and other unreleased death]
label: The Noiz Temple

Track: Altered Hymnal Rites
Album: Analog Audio Ordnance: The Trogotronic Compilation
label: Trogotronic, Thumbprint Press

Track: Component
Album: Joy
label: Zaftig Research

Track: Within A Cube Black As Pitch
Album: Necktar 2017 Volume 1
label: Le Colibri Nécrophile, Earsheltering, M.i.r.e.n.a

-2010 -

Album: Noiz Issues Vol. 1, #1 - February
label: The Noiz Temple

Album: Noiz Issues Vol. 1, #2 - March
label: The Noiz Temple

Album: Noiz Issues Vol. 1, #3 - April
label: The Noiz Temple

Album: Noiz Issues Vol. 1, #4 - May
label: The Noiz Temple

Album: Noiz Issues Vol. 1, #5 - June
label: The Noiz Temple

Album: Noiz Issues Vol. 1, #6 - July
label: The Noiz Temple

Album: Noiz Issues Vol. 1, #7 - August / September
label: The Noiz Temple

-2012 -
Album: Noiz Issues Vol. 1, #8 - October / November
label: The Noiz Temple



1991 - Art entitled "A Smoldering Death"(6 song E.P.)
label: Twin Triangle

1994 - Cman Videos [Full Moon & We Become One]

1996 - Apathy Vein [album]
label: V.E.I. Recordings



1998 - Decaying Innocence [album]
1999 - Lust is a sLut(remix) [track] on "Dissent" compilation
1999 - Darling Nikki [remake]
2000 - Entelechy & Ruin [UNRELEASED]



1992 - Benny Single
1992 - Molesta Single
1995 - Dr. Love w/ Bliss Blood [single]
2000 - Bitchass Jumpback & The Raped Salmon [album] - [UNRELEASED]



2009 - Penetralia of the Moment
label: The Noiz Temple

2012 - I Beg God
label: The Noiz Temple



1999 - Father of Rock & Roll / The Story of Johnnie 'B. Goode' Johnson
[album & book]



1989 - L.M.P.K.
label: Twin Triangle

1991 - "Cooking" [track] appeared on "Death From Below" comp
1991 - Helgramite [album] - [UNRELEASED]

1992 - Tar [album]
label: Twin Triangle

1993 - Eat Eye [album]
label: Twin Triangle

2001 - CASE [album]
label: SKaN



2006 - Soulless
label: The Noiz Temple

2012 - Control [working title / currently in production]
label: The Noiz Temple



1986- 3 track E.P.

1987 - Utopianize [album]
label: Twin Triangle



1989 - On Their Thin Walkways [album]
label: Twin Triangle

1990 - Kill [single]
label: Twin Triangle

1992 - Rusted [album] - [UNRELEASED]



1997 - SKaN [album]
1998 - More of... [album]