where it all began and continues...
NIMBUS - SPIKE the Percussionist

This is the beginning...
The reason why. All of the rage and imagination that one could muster times ten. We fought through all of the 6yrs that we were together but it was the best experience I ever had. We all learned how to put things together to make "it" work. Everything was archived. Every practice and almost all of the shows are on tape. If the band couldn't be saved at least the history was.(Thank you Dorian!) Nimbus started out with Tom and myself just making noise with an acoustic guitar and a bunch of pans, trashcans, a small bell, & a lightbulb. The band grew in numbers and slowly stabalized after some time. NIMBUS was a 6 piece for a brief moment but two of the members fell in love (Dorian & Jessica) and left the band for one reason or another. Things finally came together after that and we found the sound we were looking for. All of a sudden all these songs began to just pour out. We soon had a huge repetoir of original material that we were proud to call our own. Dorian remained connected to the band through his lable Twin Triangle which handled all of our releases. Nimbus never quite fit in because we weren't punk or heavy. So we had to prove ourselves with musical abilities. There was no settling for second best and we tried to be more original and entrancing than the others in the Corpus scene. NIMBUS went through about twenty name changes and finally took the name from the title of a song I had written the lyrics for. I don't know if we were ever totally happy with that one but it stuck. I then changed the name of the song to "GREY".

Tom Markey Lead Guitar, Vocals
[founding member]
is in Austin still playing & writing songs.
SPIKE the Percussionist Drums, Noiz
[founding member]
Dorian Ramirez Keyboards is in Austin making movies and working for Apple.
Jason Dominguez Lead Vocals, rhythm Guitar is in San Antonio.(I am not sure what he is doing.)
Sean Markey Bass went into Law School.

noiz for you...
eclipse a very Dif Juz inspired drum part
problems & questions we all have these...
seagate an aquatic fascination