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Various Projects involving SPIKE the Percussionist
Pharoe and SPIKE the Percussionist   A recording session that was during the late hours after a Nimbus rehearsal. A very rare instance where I played guitar in a project. I was making drone soundscapes with a guitar and a delay pedal and Sean Markey started to play bass. There were also some vocals performed by me. Somewhere along the way a poem by Sylvia Plath was involved. This experiment partly led as an influence for what became the last track on the Nimbus album "Utopianize". The name for the project came from my first dog...a pointer named Pharoe.
Red Banana    
Red Banana and SPIKE the Percussionist   This was a very random sort of project. It was named after several of our friends had come over and we all jammed a long night of noiz. The next morning i found a label for a fruit I had never heard of before...a red banana. I thought that was a ridiculously hillarious enuendo and named the project as such. Red Bannanna had one real public performance and it involved me directing an ensemble of everything from guitar and vilolin to metal objects and a broken TV tube.
South Dakota Badlands    
  A project that occured one night after watching IRS the Cutting Edge. This was a very late night at the Nimbus band house. We jammed a whole slew of songs all improved with Bob Chabot of SELK on vocals. It was recorded and lives in the noiz vault that is maintained by the director Dorian Ramirez. It sounds like a loud mess of anything goes rock attack. Bob named the project from a clear red visor he found in the house that had SOUTH DAKOTA BADLANDS written on it in big white letters. Bob was wearing it upside down on his head during the entire session.
Phantos and SPIKE the Percussionist  

This was a one-off project. Structured around the riffs of Eddie Carriaga. The master on Bass was Richard Guerero and one of my partners in noiz Nathan McLain on vocals. The band's five song set consisted of four brief tunes and one twenty-minute long rockathon called "Trampled to Death at a Stadium Show." The tune, which leaned heavily on a single riff, was also notable for a long stretch of vocal improvisation which eventually deevolved into a staged band implosion in which the bass and drums were destroyed on stage. Nathan and I bought the performance drumset for $20 from ALAMO Loan & Jewelry Pawn Shop. PLEXUS wasn't involved in any of this except for the recording session.

[ Some of this info was culled from Rich's article on the old home scene: http://blogs.caller.com/amped_up/archives/2007/06/ ]

note: I don't remember much of that particular show. I might have been way out of it after performing. Might have even been a rare instance when I was really out of it before performing.

bloodhose and SPIKE the Percussionist   The usual ghastly horror of racket. This project involved Chris Laurel and SPIKE the Percussionist on drums, Nathan McLaine on Guitar and vox, Craig McGonagil on keys/samples. Two drummers, noiz guitar, noiz samples, screaming vocals...what more do you need?
Johnnie Johnson    

SPIKE the Percussionist and Johnnie Johnson

I had the privledge and the honor of getting to document and play drums with "The Father of Rock & Roll" starting in 1995. For several years I drummed and filmed alongside one of the great audio engineers Harry Bartholomew and together we documented Johnnie Johnson.

Travis Fitzpatrick documented Johnnie's life in the book "Father of Rock and Roll: The Story of Johnnie B. Goode Johnson". Once it was written, Travis and I spent long hours setting up that manuscript in PageMaker. I had never setup a file for a book before and it was quite a bit of a nightmare. We did this in an office building in downtown Houston and at a time when downtown Houston was about as active as a burnedout deadzone.

The CD included with the book has me playing some drums and a boot and crate.

This all turned into a campaign to get Johnnie Johnson the recognition he derserves and to get him into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Johnnie Johnson and James Burton (Elvis's guitar player) were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Keith Richards in 2001.

For more info on Johnnie Johnson:

delicate Terror    
delicate Terror and SPIKE the Percussionist  

This was a project that I joined after closing shop on Childman. The band had pursued me for a while after Childman and delicate Terror had played on a bill together. It was a perfect fit for what I was already doing and I added to the equation rather easily. This is where I met Bryan Leach who is still the best producer I have ever worked with. It was also the first time I had worked with such an elaborate production setup. The light show that our crazy light designer Adam Kellogg put together was just over the top.

The project had one release (Decaying Innocence) that featured artwork by James Kersey. The band was in the middle of a second album entitled "Entelchy & Ruin" when everything fell apart do to a lack of commitment by some individuals. It was some really great noiz at the time and the band left an underground club favorite remake of an artist who had a song about a girl named Nikki.

Decaying Innocence info: http://www.discogs.com/Delicate-Terror-Decaying-Innocence/release/796100