creating industrial death…

The band that went from punk and grunge to the killing machine…
from the Corpse of Christ…

CHILDMAN has slammed out one of the most unique sounds to emerge from the talent-rich soil of texas. Expelled from the loins of Carcus Chrusti (Corpus Christi) in 1988, CHILDMAN quickly gained popularity in their hometown, driving religious conservationists to denunciation and appeasing their fans with their heavy barrage of unprecedented noise. CHILDMAN tired of their squashed and oppressive seaside community soon expanded live shows to Dallas, Austin, & Houston.Seeking greater exposure they relocated to Houston in ’92. Local venues like the Mausoleum II, Emo’s, the Abyss, Fitzgerald’s, & the Urban Art Bar, have housed CHILDMAN’s noise, participating in line-ups with THE CASPAR BROTZMANN MASSAKER, GODFLESH, Voivod, Helios Creed, The Voluptous Horror of Karen Black, Hum, SKREW, The Joint Chiefs, Manhole, & others.

CHILDMAN has several recordings of both old and new stuff. They were signed to V.E.I. RECORDINGS and had their first full C.D. release entitled “Apathy Vein”.

– 6 track cassette with a piece of art(NOT THE ALBUM) entitled “A Smoldering Death”
– Childman Pill Shirts and Childman stickers
– 1990-92 released some other cassette singles
– 1994 released two videos for “F#%^ing In Tongues” & “Full Moon”
– 6.17.1996 – recorded “Apathy Vein” at Sugarhill Studios
– 1996 Signed to V.E.I. Recordings by Johnny Swank and released “Apathy Vein”
– 2009 reunion show at Walter’s on Washington / Houston
– 2013 reunion show at Rudyard’s British Pub / Houston :


 Childman members:

SPIKE the Percussionist – Drums, Noiz
Craig McG – Keys & Noiz
Larry Guiterrez – Founder, Lead Vocals, Rhythm & Lead Guitar
Warren Hatfield – Bass, guitar, vocals
Keo – Vocals, noiz
Kelsey Heath – Rhythm & Lead Guitar
Tony Guiterrez – Guitar
Trey Lavigne III – Bass
Mike Rodriguez – Samples
Bill Rudolph – Samples

noiz for you…

in the dark


f–cking in tongues


forgive me


kelsey’s lament – – this song ALWAYS started fights at shows