death and disarray…

SELK began many years ago in 1987. Some strange dreams and three raging people. Bob Chabot was the original mic forger. This didn’t last long because of flaring tempers and he left right before recording the vox on the first album “On Their Thin Walkways”. Bob is still a very close friend but just removed himself from the noiz. I then moved up to the voice amplifier and Craig continued to expand his programming ability to sheer genius levels. I have yet to meet someone of his caliber. This “cult band” then continued to attack it’s audience. We wanted them to have bad trips and be psychologically shattered. We wanted suffering. Oh how much we wanted the suffering. This did come with a price. Tension helped create but it also ripped apart. We slowly killed ourselves and quit being such close friends and it created a chasm that we somehow managed to deal with for a while and then the rocks came down. Only people in Corpus know how it was. Only a few experienced the whole thing. We both have many scars from our performances but that was one hell of an on going car wreck.

Bob Chabot – Vocals
Craig McG – Electronic Weapons other projects: KLLOC of SPï N, Stalled Hearse, ATTACTIC
SPIKE the Percussionist – Drums, Noiz, Vocals, Violence

noiz for you…
“daisies” – a rampage in the Raid Mobile


“don’t look at me” – just what it says


“kill” – by any means neccesary


“suicide machine” – now it’s a party…