in the garden of avant…

  This is the one that is a bit of a strange creature. Drums and Flute…now what would possess SPIKE to do such a thing? Well it’s because of…The Thing. The flute player (Michelle Yom) and SPIKE met at a concert by The Thing. A noiz jazz trio consisting of some really intense musicians from Norway and Sweden. This project allows Yom to incorporate her classical training as a flautist (she received a masters from NYU) with a love for improvisation to take the flute to places most people would never expect. With a range that encompasses the classical and jazz traditions to the more abstract and experimental, it is music that celebrates the versatility of the instrument and the joy of music’s communicative embrace. SPIKE The Percussionist can delve into his classical background and really warp it into the noiz that is Doggebi. Using all sorts of arhythmical approaches and a diverse use of percussion instrumentation and colors. The name Doggebi came from a breed of shape changing monsters in Korean folklore possessing supernatural powers and a penchant for pulling pranks on humans (transforming themselves into furniture and such). It’s an appropriate name for music that overflows with intelligence, energy, and mischievous wit.

Doggebi interview with Houston Press:

Doggebi interview with Houston Chronicle:

Michelle Yom – Flute, Effects, Vox
SPIKE the Percussionist – Drums, Percussion, Noiz


noiz for you…
the drone of the dream itself in a flow of the moment.


5th occurence noiz from a very early jam session.