we who bring grace to ears…

The world’s first and only cybergrind quintet.

The destruction that 5 guys on a lot of caffeine writing “Haikus” can do.

L.M.P.K. created the genre and even coined the word Cybergrind.


• (1989) L.M.P.K. – self titled debut
• (1991) appeared on the tape compilation “DEATH FROM BELOW”
• (1992) “TAR” – limited LIMITED signed & numberd edition – only 5 exist (excluding the master tape) – features Cord’s MOM on one track
• (1991) “HELGRAMITE” – unreleased because Cord thought we could do better
• (1993) “EAT EYE” – the definitive release
• (7-19-95) Received clearance from the creator of the videogame “Doom” to use some sounds for the L.M.P.K. song “flossing”
• (8/01) “CASE” A combination of the infamous album “EAT EYE” and the previously unreleased “HELGRAMITE” album. Also includes some unreleased studio trax recorded in 1993 and the final L.M.P.K. track that was recorded in 1995. 24 tracks of violence in all. “CASE” included a waiver that must be signed upon sale excluding L.M.P.K. from any liabilities arising from the owning, listening to, and or using the music or the product’s enclosure.

Cord – Guitar
SPIKE the Percussionist – Vocals
Thanos – Drums
Shlol – Bass
Smoothie (R.I.P.) – Guitar Noiz

noiz for you…
“a drifting dream lit by the cool moonlight” violence in a dreamy setting


“chan” is the man


“cooking” when hungry


“flossing” dental hygene is an important practice in one’s daily regiment for healthy gums and teeth